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An effective blend of herbs, to reduce hot flushes & balance body and mind.
This carefully balanced blend provides solace from hot flushes
Sleep Tea
Sleep £6.00
Hot Flush Tea with Sage
Our Price: £6.00
Rose Petals
Our Price: £9.25
This deeply relaxing blend will soothe you into slumber leaving you refreshed when you wake To reduce hot flushes and balance body & mind. Associated with Love, Emotion and Nurturing. Rose gently cools and nourishes and forgives.
A delicious floral, refreshing & slightly sweet herbal tea crammed with minerals. Elegant, luxurious, light-weight glass T-Mug & filter A refreshing, fruity exhilarating blend.
Clear Skin Herbal Tea
Our Price: £6.00
Moroccan Mint & Hibiscus
Our Price: £6.00
A delicious mineral rich, refreshing tea to be enjoyed at any time. Elegant, luxurious, light-weight glass tea mug with filter

Aromatic vibrant peppermint leaf sweetened and softened by fruity bitter sweet Hibiscus. A favourite amongst men! (A MasculiniTea)
Stylish 'Syril' Glass & Stainless Steel T Pot for 2 Detox Loose Leaf Herbal Tea
Our Price: £34.50
Herbal Chai
Our Price: £6.00
    Glass and Steel Tea Pot with Pendulum Diffuser, lift the ball when steeped to desired strength

A delicious tea specifically blended to gently cleanse and purify. For when you want to detox or are feeling sluggish. This rich and spicy naturally caffeine free herbal chai tantalises and tingles the taste buds.