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Welcome to Miss IntegriTea! We hand-blend Exquisite Therapeutic Loose Herbal Teas that perform a range of functions, from improving sleep, to helping your skin, to perhaps finding
you love! Blended by Qualified Medical Herbalist Cindy Ledgerwood.

Psyllium Husk 100g
Our Price: £6.00
Flowers of Scotland
Our Price: £6.00
An excellent source of dietary fibre and works like an intestinal hoover.
Excellent for colon care and celebrated by detox diets.
A decadent, delicate, floral blend of native Scottish Herbs.

Aromatic vibrant Peppermint Leaf & Liquorice Root
Take your time to enjoy a mellow soothing blend. Sip to relax and unwind & enhance your reflection.
Energy Tea
Energy £6.00
Love & Courage
Our Price: £6.00
Rose Petals
Our Price: £9.25
This deeply relaxing blend will soothe you into slumber leaving you refreshed when you wake Take your time to enjoy a mellow reflective blend. Associated with Love, Emotion and Nurturing. Rose gently cools and nourishes and forgives.
Stylish 'Syril' Glass & Stainless Steel T Pot for 2
Whole Leaf Moroccan Mint
Our Price: £6.00
Immune Tea with Echinacea
Our Price: £6.00
Our Price: £34.50
Aromatic vibrant peppermint leaf - premium quality. A hint of Morocco! A distinctive, flavoursome, warming tea, spiced with ginger. Stylish
    Glass and Steel Tea Pot with Pendulum Diffuser, lift the ball when steeped to desired strength