Funky! Innovative! Tea Maker! Elegant, luxurious, light-weight glass T-Mug & filter As good as it looks!
MAGIC! Tea Maker
Our Price: £16.50
Allergy Relief
Scottish Allergy Relief £6.00
Innovative! Funky! Tea Maker! Elegant, luxurious, light-weight glass tea mug with filter

Our incredible Scottish Allergy Relief is a complex blend of specifically selected herbs and flowers used to reduce itching, inflammation & other uncomfortable (and unsightly!) histamine responses.
An effective blend of herbs, to reduce hot flushes & balance body and mind.
This carefully balanced blend provides solace from hot flushes
Hot Flush Tea with Sage
Our Price: £6.00
Sleep Tea
Sleep £6.00
Rose Petals
Our Price: £9.25
To reduce hot flushes and balance body & mind. This deeply relaxing blend will soothe you into slumber leaving you refreshed when you wake Associated with Love, Emotion and Nurturing. Rose gently cools and nourishes and forgives.
A refreshing, fruity exhilarating blend. A delicious floral, refreshing & slightly sweet herbal tea crammed with minerals.
Flowers of Scotland
Our Price: £6.00
Moroccan Mint & Hibiscus
Our Price: £6.00
Clear Skin Herbal Tea
Our Price: £6.00
A decadent, delicate, floral blend of native Scottish Herbs.

Aromatic vibrant peppermint leaf sweetened and softened by fruity bitter sweet Hibiscus. A favourite amongst men! (A MasculiniTea) A delicious mineral rich, refreshing tea to be enjoyed at any time.