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Detox Loose Leaf Herbal Tea
Energy Tea
Energy £6.00
Herbal Chai
Our Price: £6.00
A delicious tea specifically blended to gently cleanse and purify. For when you want to detox or are feeling sluggish. A distinctive, invigorating, hearty blend of herbs designed to boost flagging energy levels.

Our strong and hearty tasting Energy Tea will leave you feeling enlivened, awakened and energised!
This rich and spicy naturally caffeine free herbal chai tantalises and tingles the taste buds.
Elegant, luxurious, light-weight glass T-Mug & filter As good as it looks!
Allergy Relief
Scottish Allergy Relief £6.00
Whole Leaf Moroccan Mint
Our Price: £6.00
Elegant, luxurious, light-weight glass tea mug with filter

Our incredible Scottish Allergy Relief is a complex blend of specifically selected herbs and flowers used to reduce itching, inflammation & other uncomfortable (and unsightly!) histamine responses. Aromatic vibrant peppermint leaf - premium quality. A hint of Morocco!
Stylish 'Syril' Glass & Stainless Steel T Pot for 2
Our Price: £34.50
Psyllium Husk 100g
Our Price: £6.00
    Glass and Steel Tea Pot with Pendulum Diffuser, lift the ball when steeped to desired strength

An excellent source of dietary fibre and works like an intestinal hoover.
Excellent for colon care and celebrated by detox diets.
Aromatic vibrant Peppermint Leaf & Liquorice Root