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Rose Petals
Our Price: £9.25
Energy Tea
Energy £6.00
Whole Leaf Moroccan Mint
Our Price: £6.00
Associated with Love, Emotion and Nurturing. Rose gently cools and nourishes and forgives. A distinctive, invigorating, hearty blend of herbs designed to boost flagging energy levels.

Our strong and hearty tasting Energy Tea will leave you feeling enlivened, awakened and energised!
Aromatic vibrant peppermint leaf - premium quality. A hint of Morocco!
Funky! Innovative! Tea Maker! An effective blend of herbs, to reduce hot flushes & balance body and mind.
This carefully balanced blend provides solace from hot flushes
MAGIC! Tea Maker
Our Price: £16.50
Flowers of Scotland
Our Price: £6.00
Hot Flush Tea with Sage
Our Price: £6.00
Innovative! Funky! Tea Maker!
A decadent, delicate, floral blend of native Scottish Herbs.

To reduce hot flushes and balance body & mind.
As good as it looks! Take your time to enjoy a mellow soothing blend. Sip to relax and unwind & enhance your reflection.
Allergy Relief
Scottish Allergy Relief £6.00
Love & Courage
Our Price: £6.00
Vervaine Citrus Zing!
Our Price: £6.00
Our incredible Scottish Allergy Relief is a complex blend of specifically selected herbs and flowers used to reduce itching, inflammation & other uncomfortable (and unsightly!) histamine responses. Take your time to enjoy a mellow reflective blend. Smooth and lemony with a wee hint of ginger. A soothing yet refreshing drink designed to relax and lift spirits.