Tea Filter for any mug
Filter - Teapot
Our Price: £6.75
Immune Tea with Echinacea
Our Price: £6.00
Filter fitting any mug. Easy to Clean A distinctive, flavoursome, warming tea, spiced with ginger. This deeply relaxing blend will soothe you into slumber leaving you refreshed when you wake
Detox Loose Leaf Herbal Tea A delicious floral, refreshing & slightly sweet herbal tea crammed with minerals. As good as it looks!
Clear Skin Herbal Tea
Our Price: £6.00
Allergy Relief
Scottish Allergy Relief £6.00
A delicious tea specifically blended to gently cleanse and purify. For when you want to detox or are feeling sluggish. A delicious mineral rich, refreshing tea to be enjoyed at any time. Our incredible Scottish Allergy Relief is a complex blend of specifically selected herbs and flowers used to reduce itching, inflammation & other uncomfortable (and unsightly!) histamine responses.
Whole Leaf Moroccan Mint
Our Price: £6.00
Energy Tea
Energy £6.00
Aromatic vibrant peppermint leaf - premium quality. A hint of Morocco! Aromatic vibrant Peppermint Leaf & Liquorice Root A distinctive, invigorating, hearty blend of herbs designed to boost flagging energy levels.

Our strong and hearty tasting Energy Tea will leave you feeling enlivened, awakened and energised!